TallPDF.NET 4.0
Generate PDF

This simple code sample shows you how to create a PDF using C# and print "Hello World" to it

C# code sample to create PDF

// create a new document with a single section
Document document = new Document();
Section section = document.Sections.Add();
document.Sections.Add( section );

// add a new textparagraph to the section
TextParagraph textParagraph = new TextParagraph();
section.Paragraphs.Add( textParagraph );

// create a fragment, set some text and add it to the paragraph
Fragment fragment = new Fragment();
fragment.Text = "Hello world!";
textParagraph.Fragments.Add( fragment );

Here is the created PDF:


You might have noticed that you have to add the text into Fragment then add the Fragment into TextParagraph instead of simply add the text into TextParagraph. By doing so, a TextParagraph is allowed to have texts with different fonts and styles. This design increases the flexibility of TextParagraph.

Here is the sample of saving document:

using( FileStream file = new FileStream( @"..\..\HelloWorld.pdf", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write ) )
    document.Write( file );